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For threadlocking

Loctite threadlockers prevent spontaneous loosening and locking of threaded couplings from vibration and shock loads.

They perfectly fill the gaps between the interlocking threads

  • One-component products
  • Clean and easy application
  • Vibration resistant
  • They provide and seal all threads
  • They reduce inventory costs

Instant adhesives

Loctite instant adhesives are used to bond small parts for maximum fastening. With extreme speed sticks anything in seconds.

Excellent adhesion and tensile strength of bonded joints

  • Clean and easy application
  • Very fast fixation of parts in required position
  • Bonding a wide range of diverse materials
  • High strength on very small bonded surfaces
  • Solvent-free

For pipe threads

Loctite tube thread sealing fills the space between threaded parts and provides immediate low pressure sealing.

They ensure perfect sealing up to the maximum pressures of most pipe systems

  • One-component - clean and easy application
  • It does not squeeze, shrink, or clog
  • For any pipe joint dimensions
  • They replace all tape or hemp/paste seals
  • Protects screwed threads from corrosion

For mounting bearings

They are used for fixing bearings, bushings and other cylindrical parts in houses or shafts. They eliminate the need for expensive spare parts.

They create 100% contact between adjacent metal surfaces

  • High strength that transfers high loads
  • No corrosion nor abrasion
  • 100% contact - the load and stress are evenly distributed in the joint
  • High strength on very small bonded surfaces

For flat seals

It prevents leakage of liquids or gases through the formation of impermeable barriers. Loctite Seal is a self-sealing seal that provides perfect sealing between components with minimal flange contact.

Excellent instant sealing

  • One-component products
  • Fills all joints - no need for fine surface machining
  • No need for leveling pads
  • No need to re-tighten the screws
  • Allows disassembly


The right surface cleaner provides a gentle and reliable surface treatment for hygiene and maintenance to extend the surface life or prepare it for further industrial processing.

Soft and reliable surface treatment

  • Extends surface life
  • Prepares the surface for further industrial processing
  • Soft and reliable surface treatment

About us

Our company NAVOKO, s.r.o. has been operating on the industrial chemistry market since 2009. We are a dynamically developing company that has built a permanent network of customers and companies with which we have been cooperating for many years. In addition to the Loctite brand, we also specialize in brands of Teroson, Pattex and Molykote.



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